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On January 6, 1985, Dr. W. H. Foster along with others willing to follow his leadership attended worship at Genesis Love & Care Baptist Church located at 2809 W. Harrison. A motion was made that the name Pleasant Grove be adopted for the newly organized body, Dr. William H. Foster Sr. was elected as Pastor and 75 members joined the church that day.

On Sunday, June 9th the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church family led by a police motorcade went from 2809 W. Harrison to 15 S. Kilpatrick for their first day of Worship in our new Church home. Before a short ribbon entering a short ribbon-cutting ceremony was held outside, and approximately 150 members and friends marched into our new facility while the congregation sang "Thank You Lord".

In 1992, we burned our mortgage, enhanced the outside by putting on a new front. For 15 years we worshipped God at 15 S. Kilpatrick. A big change occurred for Pleasant Grove on the evening of October 4, 2000. The roof of our church building fell in. The City Of Chicago condemned the building/the property, and the city's demolition crew knocked the building down. This was heartbreaking to see, but God let us see this and gave us the assurance that the church does not exist in a building but in the hearts of God's children.

The Westside Baptist Ministers Conference opened its doors to us in September 2001. We currently worship here and have 12 different ministries actively working and standing on God's promises.

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